Activities for information and promotion of the territory and urban culture.

Urban Center aims to promote culture and the dissemination of urban issues on the community level, as well as in Italy and abroad.

Access to knowledge is the unavoidable premise of any participatory process. This therefore includes the ‘historical’ function of telling the city about the city and, in particular, current urban transformations and those planned for the near future.

The goal of Urban Center is to situate Bologna at the centre of narration made accessible in its forms and content through constant work to ‘translate’ technical language into a language and visualization that can be understood by everyone. The goal is to bring together data and information, thereby stimulating reflections, public debate, and proposals for the city’s future.

This objective is also combined with the way in which the spaces managed by the Foundation — which constitute our offices — are used. They are designed to house various activities intended to involve different participants interested in the material and immaterial changes in the city, also enabling the Foundation to become a recognized place for information and communication about these topics.

The Foundation has organized and hosts a permanent exhibition in its spaces (currently being prepared) to present the major current and future projects to regenerate the city and urban policies tied to the environment and mobility, territorial promotion and urban enhancement, and the digital city. The Foundation’s spaces are also used to organize and host many temporary exhibitions, laboratories, workshops, seminars, and conferences, whether organized by the Foundation or other subjects.

urban center

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